Are you in full control of your data usage?

With OvaFlow you could be...

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An OvaView…

Our mission is to create a low cost subscription based application that will enable our customers to manage their infrastructure data estate more efficiently and provide informed strategic decision making

We are launching Q4, 2014


Real-time monitoring

OvaFlow will continually monitor your data estate and provide a single pane of glass into your data usage within your IT infrastructure.

Monitoring can be performed on servers spanning differing countries, time-zones and visually presents your global data estate.

Analyze your data

OvaFlow provides low level information on your File data residing on servers or workstations. Rapid reports let you measure:

  • Duplicated Files
  • File Age (Created / Modified / Accessed)
  • File Permissions
  • File Types


Keep data compliant

OvaFlow analysis reports will help you define which data needs to be retained and which can be purged.

OvaFlow enables you to save time and cost and ensuring that you just don’t add additional storage.

Predict budgets

OvaFlow gets to know your data estate. An important tool for any kind of storage refresh or investment in infrastructure.

Presenting your data findings in an easy to understand format to the board enables you to backup your ideas and quantify any expenditure with tangible metrics.

Plan capacity

Knowing what capacity you have across your Data Centers enables you to plan better.

OvaFlow provides a detailed map of your data and is a significant step in gaining data control and planning for the future.

Free up space

IT departments often don’t have the luxury of adding further storage. Sometimes you just need some capacity breathing room.

OvaFlow can highlight some quick wins by informing you of areas where you could clear up space efficiently without risk.

Why OvaFlow is different...

Low cost

Big Data analysis should not mean big price tags.

Our packages are designed to suit a multitude of different sized infrastructures.


OvaFlow has been designed to be very performant in nature and completely optimized for geographically diverse locations.

Fast in data gathering and fast in data presentation.  Its lightning fast. Did we say fast?

2Responsive design

The interface is clean, intuitive and responsive to all web-enabled devices. OvaFlow is simple and flexible to install across your infrastructure.

commCommunity driven

Our agile development approach means that we can be reactive to your requests. Community-based forums will drive the product through its development lifecycle.

Is OvaFlow for me?

Do you have an IT infrastructure with significant data sets? Do you require real-time polling and reporting and a simple, intuitive interface? Do you require a 360 degree view of your data growth, patterns and metrics within your data estate?

How to Get Started

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