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Accurate trending of server capacity and free space

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Our mission at OvaFlow is to enable System Admins to be more efficient in controlling storage and server space

We do this by way of an easy to install application that helps monitor server and storage capacity. You will see how your data grows across all servers meaning no nasty surprises which will help you manage your data better and plan ahead.

OvaFlow OvaView

At the heart of OvaFlow…

OvaFlow OvaView Dashboard

Visualise your storage utilisation

You see your servers every day, but do you see the growth that each and every server incurs? Now you can.

You know at some point, during your next storage refresh or when you are thinking about going to the cloud, you will ask yourself “what is my growth?”. I know that most people I have spoken to, don’t have a clue. This is your chance to know!




Stock style growth metrics

We are used to seeing percentages and up / down arrows, this will provide you with fast visual identification of servers with the most growth over a period of time.

Knowledge is power and you can have this. Find servers that are using up space fast! You can take the proactive approach to solving potential issues before your users (or CEO) even notices.

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Find problems fast

With our reporting, you can immediately see servers that have large growth patterns.

You can also, easily see how many drives your servers have and if any have any problems.

I’m sure that you have found out too late that your SQL servers log drive is full! Now you can have a quick scan down and pinpoint anything out of the norm.




Analyse your growth patterns

Growth is a hot topic, unstructured data just keeps on growing. You can now get a handle on your growth.

You will need to know, at some point, what your growth is. Most likely when you’re begging for cash to increase your server and storage capacity. This time you can see, actual growth and make real prediction on what you need. Not just the finger in the air guess.

With us on your side, you can predict growth and make sure that Mr CFO has no nasty surprises.


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 “We used other tools before, but OvaFlow provides fast and intelligent information on our storage estate and specifically showed the growth rates and growth history, extremely important as we were about to do a storage refresh– Large Environmental Consultancy


OvaFlow Infographic


Getting Started with OvaFlow couldn’t be easier

Sign up for the Beta

Within the Beta you will have access to a customer portal where you will find a handy ‘getting started guide’ and you will be allocated your own success officer who will be available if you are having any issues.

There are four simple steps in which to get going as quickly as possible…



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FAQs for beta

I want to monitor more than 100 machines. What gives?

Our Beta programme will let you monitor a maximum of 100 machines.  We intend to scale right up to 1,000’s of machines but not without first ensuring that we have the right mechanisms in place to scale.

Is OvaFlow really FREE?

At this stage of our development OvaFlow is absolutely FREE.  We are working on building a community to provide some good honest feedback to see what general direction we want the product to go.  We have lots of updates that we are really excited to tell you about in due course.

Its you beautiful people that really get an opportunity to shape the product through its first iterations.  Your feedback and validation is so very important to us and we thank you for joining us on our journey.

What if I need help getting installed / setup?

No problem. We have a quick start guide in the portal and also you can log a ticket with support where they will only be too happy to help. You will also receive a personal success officer to ensure that you have all the information that you need to move forward.

What information do you capture?

The only information that we capture about you as an administrator is your email address.  We need this in order for you to validate your installation, be able send you important updates and for you to be able to login to our helpdesk system where you will be able to log issues and provide feedback, features requests.

What kind of machines can I monitor?

At the moment OvaFlow is certified against all Windows platforms from Windows 7 upwards to Windows 2012 server.

It is our intention to create an application in later releases that fully supports other platforms such as Linux, MAC.